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  • Consultations: On-site consultations are an important and necessary first step in creating a garden, because at this stage we discuss use of space, problem areas, views, color, plants and garden style. Consultations are an excellent choice for those of you who wish to do the installation yourselves, since it will give you a better idea of where to start with your garden. Rates are hourly, and travel expenses may apply.

  • Design: Your garden design is prepared as a professional site plan. A site plan is invaluable, not just for recording plants, but for recording sprinkler, gas, electric or other underground lines, or anything else you need to remember about your site. If you want to do the installation work yourself, we can save you time and money by creating a design and guiding you in soil improvement, plant selection and spacing, mulching and maintenance. Rates are hourly.

  • Installation: Designs are installed with tender loving care. Attention to detail is crucial for success. Proper spacing, planting depth, staking, mulching and watering-in helps assure healthy plants. Rates are hourly.
  • Maintenance: We are available to maintain your garden to perfection. So many gardens fail to please because they are not properly maintained. Plants are not watered properly, not fertilized in a timely manner, not pruned properly, not allowed to grow in a natural manner. It can be arranged for us to come at regular intervals to keep plants healthy and looking great. If you choose to be responsible for the maintenance, we can prepare printed guidelines. Rates are hourly.

Contact me:
Mary-Beth Wagner, Horticulturist
Advanced Art of Gardening
1835 Montana Avenue NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33703
PH: (727) 743-5543

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