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It's a Jungle Out There

When Roy (Anderberg) and I first saw this side yard, we could barely walk through the jungle of houseplants gone bad. As you move from the before to the after photo, keep your eyes on the Plumeria branches on the left, and the white bird of paradise leaves in the center of the picture. (In the before photo you can see Roy in the blue shirt to the right.) We had to remove some extremely invasive plants from this job: Syngonium, Aglaeonema, Pothos. The homeowners will continue to dig and remove these plants as they resprout over the next year. We feel that with persistence the battle can be won! The after photo is 4 weeks post-installation, and it contains mostly native plants, with some non-natives added to tie this section in with other parts of the home landscape. The 8’ wide mulch path to the right of the picture is to allow riding mower access to the back lawn. Smaller mulch paths run between the plants. In the foreground from left to right is marlberry, Simpson’s stopper, firebush. Other natives include wax myrtle, Walter’s viburnum and dwarf palmetto. Our intent is that all plants grow to their mature size to block the view from front to back. Pruning would only be done if a branch blocks a path. Otherwise maintenance is only weeding, watering and mulching.

Before Picture

After Picture

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