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Our Favorite Plants  

This section of our website is designed to be a very informal way to share our thoughts and experiences with some of our favorite plants. When we get excited about a new plant, we’ll add it to the list. 

Gardener: Mary-Beth
plant image Wooly stemodia
Stemodia tomentosa is native to Texas and can take our heat and humidity. I've used it as a ground cover when we needed a very low-growing and tough plant for pure sand and full sun. This two-inch high gem has lavender flowers from spring through fall. I never see it offered, and have not been able to use it for a couple of years. Strangely, this spring, I walked into a big-box store and there it was, sharing a tray with some vinca! If you see it, get it. Great for hanging baskets and pots too.
plant image Rattlesnake plant
Calathea lancifolia made my favorites list because it has survived fresh water AND salt water flooding in our backyard! I do nothing to it. I planted one about 5 years ago and you can see from the picture it still looks good. The foliage never looks bad and it does not go dormant in the winter. It's supposed to need constant humidity and moisture, however beyond a very occasional drink from the hose during the driest periods, I do nothing but keep it mulched. I recommend partial to deep shade.
plant image Beautyberry
Our native beautyberry, Callicarpa americana, should be seen everywhere. These plants lose almost all of their leaves in the fall, thus exposing clusters of magneta berries that weigh down the stems. I originally planted it in our own garden to provide food for the birds, however I only ever see mockingbirds picking at it occasionally. Ah well, more berries for us. Tolerant of many soils, sun or shade, I believe it looks it's very best if sheltered from the hottest rays of afternoon summer sun. Prune it in very early spring (February) to promote density and a more consistent shape.
plant image Yellow elder
Tecoma stans wins my vote because of it's sweetly fragrant golden flowers. I do not not own one at the moment, but grew one for years in a pot by my driveway. I took great pleasure in breathing in the fragrance as I came and went from my car. It was very easy care, with only moderate water needs. It is said to survive 28 F degrees. I've yet to drive around to those homes where I had seen it growing to see if it's come back.

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